Watch: The Horrors delve into the human ‘Machine’ in their new video

The Horrors delve into the human ‘Machine’ in their new video

It all ends with a slightly creepy computer generated version of Faris Badwan. Lovely.

The Horrors’ new album ‘V’ comes out on 22nd September, and now the first single, ‘Machine’ has a fairly unsettling video to match. Maybe save this one ‘til after lunch?

Looking like a cross between brain synapses, Stranger Things’ The Upside Down, and a strange new organ grown in a lab, the video for ‘Machine’ ends with a decidedly creepy-looking computer generated version of the band’s frontman Faris Badwan. Lovely stuff.

CGI wizard  Jon Emmony made the video, and had this to say: “The video for ‘Machine’ is based around the concept of computer simulation. The creatures, formed from sections cut and twisted from insects, crustaceans and bone are arranged in sculptural compositions inspired by artists such as Hieronymus Bosch; finding the surreal within mixed forms and scales. If left, taken away from an edit, the creatures would continue to exist and their movements would evolve.  For me this was an exciting way to create digital imagery, as having an element of control removed and then decided by a computer seemed fitting with the track. Machines inside machines.” 

There you go, then. Have a watch below.

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