Neu Pick: Yoke Lore is dancing on his own in the video for ‘Only You’

Yoke Lore is dancing on his own in the video for ‘Only You’

We’ve got the first look at Adrian Galvin’s dark clip for his latest, more downbeat alt-pop single.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Yoke Lore.

Back in May, Brooklynite Adrian Galvin, better known as Yoke Lore, emerged with his single ‘GOODPAIN’, the title track from his EP of the same name. It saw him stepping away from his background in art (and a bit of ballet) to making bright alt-pop in the vein of M83 and Animal Collective.

With his latest single ‘Only You’ though, he’s taking a slight side-step from the shimmering, vibrant nature of ‘GOODPAIN’ and into more reflective territory. It’s a track that’s punctuated by Adrian’s distinctive, yearning vocals, bursts of snapping percussion, guitar strums and a bit of cosmic synth, not to mention a soaring and cathartic climax. Despite its more euphoric elements though, it’s slightly downbeat and contemplative. That’s not surprising considering its subject matter, though. Talking about ‘Only You’, Adrian explained that it’s “about realizing your responsibility to yourself and learning not to blame others for the bad things that happen to you”.

In the new video, Adrian moves from the expansive fields outside Los Angeles into a darkened room where the same images are projected on to him. It gives a definite sense of being locked within yourself, his movements only adding to the sense of wanting to break free. Speaking of the clip, Adrian said: “This video finds me in the Los Angeles hills dancing, searching, running. We projected images of myself onto myself to force a kind of redundancy. I dance with my own forms and shapes to convince myself of the necessity of my singular attention”.

He continued: “How do we talk to ourselves, how do we treat ourselves, when is it good to be tough on yourself and when is it good to give yourself some leeway. My body on my body forces me to deal with me. I am here because of me, for me, and with me. There’s no one else to get comfort or inspiration from. There’s only you”.

Get the first look at the video for ‘Only You’ below.

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