Have You Heard? Superfood - Unstoppable

Superfood - Unstoppable

Unstoppable by name, unstoppable by nature.

If recent singles ‘Double Dutch’ and ‘I Can’t See’ suggested that Superfood’s musical horizons had broadened further than anyone might reasonably expect, then ‘Unstoppable’ is the track that cements the Birmingham group as an entirely different band to the one you previously knew.

Built around a dubby bounce of a bass line, and coming on like The Specials crashing Notting Hill Carnival, its only real ‘indie’ point of comparison is in its Gorillaz-esque dystopian outro.

Described to us by the band as a song written about the feeling of drinking about 16 pints, it perfectly captures that heady daze where anything feels possible. The band’s new album ‘Bambino’ is sure to have a few hangovers from this unadulerated joy, but for these three-and-a-half minutes, Superfood sound like they’re on top of the world. Unstoppable by name, unstoppable by nature.

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