Have You Heard? Siobhan Wilson – Dark Matter

Siobhan Wilson – Dark Matter

A deeply thoughtful meditation on the nature of the unknown.

Dark matter is a completely hypothetical substance. Scientists believe that its existence could explain a variety of anomalous astronomical observations, but it’s never been directly observed. This means that although are theories surrounding its existence and properties, it’s something of an unknown entity.

It also makes it the perfect metaphor for Scottish singer-songwriter Siobhan Wilson’s latest track. After presenting a slice of shimmering Francophone splendour with ‘Paris Est Blanche’, her latest single focuses on what she calls “the uncertainty and frustration of never truly knowing what is on somebody else’s mind”. It’s a contemplative piece, one that sails along on light strums of electric guitar and a smattering of percussion, but this simple foundation allows Siobhan’s thoughts on the unknowable to stand front and centre.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a sensitive performance, and despite the sub-three minute length it’s also one where she moves through moods deftly. On the one hand she laments the fact that “nobody sees more than their two naked eyes can take in all at one time”, as if yearning for a vision into someone else’s psyche. By the end though, as her voice glides on air, she reaches a point that’s not necessarily content but at least accepting that the mind of another is “somewhere only you know”. Dark matter is still hypothetical, but there’s no mystery surrounding why it’s so easy to fall for Siobhan Wilson’s emotionally engaging songwriting.

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