New Issue Kasabian: DIY’s August 2017 cover stars revealed!

Kasabian: DIY’s August 2017 cover stars revealed!

The new issue - free from stockists - is out this Friday (4th August), and also features The Cribs, INHEAVEN, Wolf Alice, Rat Boy, PVRIS and more.

Today, dear readers, we come to you with good news - there’s a new issue of DIY out on Friday! Festival season is now in full swing, so it’s only right we bring one of the world’s best festival headliners to the cover. Kasabian are gearing up to headline Reading & Leeds for the second time at the end of the month, and we spent a weekend with the hellraisers when they headlined Glasgow’s new TRNSMT festival this summer, getting under the skin of one of the country’s most brilliant live bands, as well as the most consistently maligned.

Tom Meighan and Serge Pizzorno have always been united in the pursuit of fun and playfulness, of keeping things just that little bit silly. During the campaign for 2014 LP ‘48:13’, they performed backed by a series of flashing slogans including ‘Free Deirdre’ and ‘Maggot Munch’. When they headlined Glastonbury, their only ‘special guest’ was pal Noel Fielding dressed as a cartoon vampire. Joyously irreverent, theirs is a humour entrenched as much in a Young Ones-esque tradition of eccentric British comedy as one of boisterous British bands. That’s the bit that so many people seem to struggle with. “One of the most frustrating things is when people miss the humour. There’s so much piss taking in everything we do,” begins Serge.

“We’re in on the joke, that’s the thing that people don’t seem to understand.” The oft-quoted stereotype, we suggest, is of Kasabian as a kind of real life Spinal Tap, dialling up the rock’n’roll cliché to 11… “It’s that middle class, apologetic, broadsheet opinion,” he replies, getting slightly rattled by the thought. “Kings of Leon: that’s Spinal Tap. Kanye getting stuck on a fucking digger truck at Glastonbury: that’s Spinal Tap. I mean, hearing Kanye singing Freddie Mercury out of tune at Glastonbury is as Spinal Tap as anything anyone else has ever done, so… it’s rich, is what I’m saying. The parody and the ridiculousness of being in a band is all nonsense. It doesn’t matter what kind of band you’re in; it’s all nonsense.”

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Kasabian: DIY’s August 2017 cover stars revealed!

Elsewhere, we catch up with the equally chaotic Rat Boy, finding his debut album ‘Scum’ to be a much more tender beast than first suggested, and with Jordan Cardy and co already looking years into the future.

INHEAVEN are also about to release their debut full-length, and we caught up with the quartet, one of a massively exciting new breed of British guitar bands that are set to take over. The Cribs, meanwhile, have released plenty of records, and their newest offering, the wonderfully titled ‘24-7 Rock Star Shit’, is maybe their simplest yet, a thirty-minute thrash through everything the trio do so well. We delve into the contined brilliance of the Jarmans.

We also chat to Lynn Gunn of PVRIS about the turmoil that fed into second album ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’, while catching up with Wolf Alice in New York while they road test new album ‘Visions Of A Life’ on an intimate UK tour. The ‘My Love Is Cool’ follow-up is like ‘the herpes of albums’ apparently. Of course.

In Neu, we profile exciting newcomers Yonaka, who are already setting their sights on headlining festivals, along with the brilliant, sprawling sounds of ALASKALASKA and the boundless energy of Halifax trio The Orielles.

With reviews of new records from Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Lana Del Rey and more, and reports from festivals all across the continent, this issue is absolutely jam-packed.

All this and more is in the new issue of DIY, out this Friday (4th August). It’s available free via stockists across the UK, and readable online. If you’d rather have a copy posted to you in person, you can do so below - or head to for subscription info.

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