Neu Pick: Sauropod stomp their way through new single ‘By The Tree’

The Norwegian three-piece have just signed to Propeller Recordings.

Already boasting the likes of Sløtface on their roster, Propeller Recordings now have a new gem on their hands in the form of Norwegian trio Sauropod.

The band’s new single ‘By The Tree’ - their first on the label - is a fiery creature. ”Jump on the rocket / stomp on the day” vocalist Jonas Røyeng spits, and ‘By The Tree’ is one to feel invincible to.

By the time the track careers into its chorus, Røyeng has more than a few hints of Gerard Way about him, a flamboyant ball of energy.

“By The Tree is essentially about juggling two things at once, not knowing which one you like the most,” he says of the song, but the elements Sauropod mix on the track work perfectly together.

Listen to the single below.

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