Have You Heard? Diamond Thug – Cosmic Dreamer

Diamond Thug – Cosmic Dreamer

The stars align once again for the South African band.

On their last track ‘Eclipse’, South Africans Diamond Thug introduced the world to their quest to find an authentic, honest sound. Until that point, the band had travelled from off-kilter electro-pop to psych-rock and just about everywhere you could think of in-between. You could say it was the product of a musical constellation coming together with a glistening sheen and more than a bit of sparkle.

According to the band, their latest offering ‘Cosmic Dreamer’ “speaks to the expedition of a traveler yearning to drift out of the space they occupy”. It sounds like they’re off on another adventure to break their own boundaries again. And yep, that’s pretty much what they do. It’s a track that draws together vocalist Chantel’s honeyed vocals with waves of intergalactic electronics. But while it mostly drifts off into the ether, transcending the boundaries of the stratosphere and flying off into another realm, it also keeps one foot firmly planted on Planet Earth. A driving guitar riff and blasts of drums just pushed a little into the background give the track an earthy edge that stops it becoming too flighty, giving it something tangible to hold on to even in the vast cosmos. The stars have truly aligned once again for Diamond Thug.

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