Listen: White Kite are danceable yet brooding on ‘Past Life’

White Kite are danceable yet brooding on ‘Past Life’

The London trio’s new track is inspired by Louis Shadwick coming to terms with his sexuality.

After unveiling the brilliantly dramatic ‘Curtain Call’ in February, it was unlikely that time would be called on London trio White Kite.

Now a few months down the line, they’ve unveiled new belter ‘Past Life’. It’s not as crushing as ‘Curtain Call’ but harks back to some of their earlier works. Combining a pretty funk-laden grooves and crisp synthesiser textures, it also keeps the listener on their toes with bluesy guitar riffs. Underneath it all though, ‘Past Life’ actually harbours a darkened narrative underneath the sheen.

Speaking of the track, frontman Louis Shadwick explained how the song explores him coming terms with his sexuality: “Past Life is about my experience of growing up having to hide what I was, and how that makes you feel like you have to lead a double life. You constantly have to reconcile a sense of shame and abnormality with the excitement and liberation of finding places and people with who you can express yourself and not be judged”.

Listen to ‘Past Life’ below.

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