Cover lovers: Listen to Hinds cover Kevin Ayers’ ‘Caribbean Moon’

Listen to Hinds cover Kevin Ayers’ ‘Caribbean Moon’

They’ve also announced a tour of Spain!

Looking for a late “song of the summer” contender? Hinds can provide that.

The Madrid faves have shared a cover of ‘Caribbean Moon’, originally a 1973 single by Kevin Ayers of Soft Machine. They’re no strangers to a good cover, having taken on their good pals Los Nastys’ ‘Holograma’and taking on Three Headcoats’ ‘Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey)’. Much like that version, they inject ‘Caribbean Moon’ with some extra vitality, giving it a lilting, lo-fi charm that’ll transport you to a tropical island in no time.

This month the band are preparing to take on Green Man Festival and Summerhall in Edinburgh, but they’re then planning to head out on a tour of their homeland, travelling across Spain in September and November for various festivals and headline shows. Find out more about their upcoming shows here.

Listen to their cover of ‘Caribbean Moon’ below.

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