Listen: Four Tet shares new track ‘SW9 9SL’

Four Tet shares new track ‘SW9 9SL’

It’s Kieran Hebden’s third track in a few months.

Over the last couple of months, Four Tet has been busy dropping a few tracks here and there, including ‘Planet’ and ‘Two Thousand and Seventeen’.

When Annie Mac revealed the latter, she also unveiled that Kieran Hebden has been “making music for the past 10 months”. Well, more of that recording has come to light as he’s unveiled ‘SW9 9SL’, an eight-minute kaleidoscope of light beats, reverberating synths and ambient waves. But what is SW9 9SL we hear you ask? Good question. A bit of a postcode search reveals that it’s an area close to London’s Brixton Academy. What does that mean? Who knows. Perhaps it’s a cryptic clue to something, or maybe it just looked nice on paper. Either way, we still have the delicately floaty track.

While we’ve got our fingers crossed for an eventual follow-up to ‘Morning/Evening’ and last year’s ‘Randoms’ collection, read DIY’s comprehensive guide to Four Tet here.

Listen to ‘SW9 9SL’ below.

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