Neu Pick: Total Leatherette embrace darkness in ‘Prince Cut’ video

Total Leatherette embrace darkness in ‘Prince Cut’ video

The Glasgow duo’s debut album came out last month.

Nikki Tirado and Scott Caruth make up Glaswegian electronic duo Total Leatherette. The pair make dark, pulsating beats inspired by queer communities.

Their debut album ‘For The Climax Of The Night’ came out last month via MILK Records, and we’ve got the first play of the new video for its opening track ‘Prince Cut’ as today’s Neu Pick.

A shiny, foreboding beast of a track, the equally menacing new video fits perfectly.

“The video was shot by Dan Aitken and Shona Spalding at the Poetry Club in Glasgow in early 2017. For it, we were quite keen to bring as many elements of our live performance to it as possible,” Scott told us over email.

“Within our live performances, we aim to explore the ways in which the audience may be disorientated through the use of smoke machines and strobes , aiming wherever possible to appear simply as sillouhettes. In doing so we wish to disrupt (again where possible ) the platonic spectator / performer binary and hope that the repetition, intensity and loudness of the performance may allow the viewer to experience something beyond this.

“Naturally this is difficult to translate on screen, but in shooting the video we found ourselves liberated from playing our instruments and experimented with different ways we could utilise our bodies as part of the performance, which is something we have always been curious about. The song ‘Prince Cut’ was wrote as the title / introduction track to the album. In fitting with the overall concept of the record, we wanted to induce a sense of approaching a space that is out of sight and reveals itself gradually.”

You can pre-order the duo’s debut record (with its pretty NSFW cover) here, and watch the video for ‘Prince Cut’ below.

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