Dream team: Vera teams up with Okay Kaya on ‘Falling’

Vera teams up with Okay Kaya on ‘Falling’

The Copenhagen producer will also play their first UK date next month.

While Copenhagen producer and artist Vera is currently in studio with MØ (!!!) he also released his first single ‘In And Out Of Love’ back in May.

Now he’s lifted the lid on his second single ‘Falling’, which features the mellow vocals of fellow Norwegian Okay Kaya. Speaking of the track, Vera said: “I wrote Falling after a long summer listening to Buena Vista Social Club and the Swedish singer Lisa Ekdahl. I was obsessed with the percussion and the guitar melodies of Buena Vista and I love the soft gentle intimacy from Lisa Ekdahl. These are artists my parents listened to when I was growing up - all the albums had such an intimate vibe which is what I had in mind when I wrote Falling. I guess I see it at as my interpretation of the music my parents were dancing to when I was a kid”.

Going on to talk about his collaboration with Okay Kaya, he said: “I brought in Kaya because I’m a big fan of hers. One day I stumbled along a song she had sung in Norwegian called Durer. It was so natural and it reminded me of some of the earliest Lisa Ekdahl songs. Then I sent my demo of Falling to Kaya and asked if she would be up for writing her own part in Norwegian. When it came back it really touched me and I knew we had to use it in the original language. Her laidback, mellow attitude balances the track so well”.

Vera has also announced that he’ll be playing his debut UK show at London’s Scotch of St. James on 21st September. It’s free entry, but anyone wanting to go need to book by mailing [email protected] in advance.

Listen to ‘Falling’ below.

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