Reading 2017: Haim make up for lost time to close Reading 2017

Haim, Reading Festival, 2017

The trio bring ‘Something To Tell You’ to Richfield Avenue.

Reading 2016 was supposed to be Haim’s big comeback. The band were set to come over to the UK for a short run of shows to preview their upcoming second album. Recording commitments got in the way however, and the band had to cancel the show.

Returning this evening to close the Radio 1 / NME tent however, and the wait was all worth it. Bright, busy new album ‘Something To Tell You’ is perfectly fitted for situations like these, and the crowd lap it up. Described by Este as the first place that embraced the band, it’s clear the UK is incredibly important to them, and the love shown from the crowd is more than matched from up on stage.

Yelping their way through cuts old and new, and asking the crowd which Haim sister is their favourite (frankly all of them, if the response is anything to go by), Alana, Este and Danielle are becoming true superstars, and are filling their new roles perfectly.

Tonight’s show had to wait 12 months, but as everyone in the packed tent can attest, it was worth every minute.

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Photos: Emma Swann