Neu Pick: Beachtape make their next step with debut EP ‘Hold Music’

Beachtape make their next step with debut EP ‘Hold Music’

The Brighton quartet’s first collection, out this Friday (8th September) on PNKSLM, is today’s Neu Pick.

This Friday (8th September), Brighton quartet Beachtape release their debut EP ‘Hold Music’ via PNKSLM.

Creating a nice little bit of buzz with a host of early singles, ‘Hold Music’ is a satisfying next step for the four-piece, and we’ve got the first play of the whole thing as today’s Neu Pick.

Cut from largely the same cloth as fellow Brighton bands Abattoir Blues, The Magic Gang and beyond, Beachtape are yet another example of the seaside city producing gem after gem of guitar pop.

There’s a good deal of up and down across the EP’s length - the centrepiece and amazingly-titled ‘Hot Dog Birthday Party’ is a slow, contemplative cut, while ‘Bored’ sees the band thrashing out jangly riffs in a track that feels anything but.

We spoke to the band about ‘Hold Music’ and their immediate future plans. Listen to the EP in full and read our Q&A below.

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Hi Beachtape! Tell us a bit about your debut EP…

This EP feels like a long time coming, its a mixture of old and new songs and also good mixture of the direction we want to be going in and where we started. we recorded it earlier this year and we are really excited to finally share it with everyone. hopefully we’ll get taken more seriously now we have more than 3 songs out.

The release is called ‘Hold Music’ - if you could provide the hold music for any company in the world, who would it be and why?

To be honest anyone that is willing to offer us free things, at the moment we are really into the idea of getting food and shoe endorsements so if anyone wants to hook us up with free shoes or food we’d be willing to lend our music in return for sure, ‘sketchers’ or ‘spud u like’ would be nice!

There seems to be something in the water in Brighton at the moment - what do you think is making so many great new young bands spring from the city right now?

Brighton is like a little bubble that feels outside of real life things but then just close enough to not stray away to hard, i think that for us and loads of our friends in bands etc there is just a close group of people who all enjoy making music and having a good time and thats all really is too it, theres a nice sense of community, everyone seems to know everyone.

What are your plans moving forward? Any exciting things to come in the rest of 2017?

We have been writing a lot, we’re working on our next release and trying to persuade our drummer to let us get a saxophone player & start wearing suits. Hopefully we will be getting out on tour at some point soon too but definitely some new music in the works and just the same old antics as usual really.

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