Watch: Lazy Day have shared a new video for ‘Hiccup’

Lazy Day have shared a new video for ‘Hiccup’

Tilly Scantlebury and co are releasing their debut EP ‘Ribbons’ next week.

Earlier in the year, London-based Lazy Day unveiled their track ‘With My Mind’, and now they’re gearing up to release their debut EP ‘Ribbons’ on 15th September!

Before the EP gets fully unveiled next week though, Tilly Scantlebury and co have unveiled a green screen-tastic video for their latest single ‘Hiccup’. In it, Tilly lets her imagination roam free via the power of green screen, transporting herself from being an explorer in Africa to a top chef, a superstar footballer to being pampered on the beach. She also becomes a rock star, but to be honest we thought that one was already a reality…

Speaking of the track and video, she said: “‘Hiccup’ is a lot about guessing what someone else is thinking and doing. When you don’t know someone very well it makes figuring out what’s going on in their mind pretty hard. That constant guessing can mess with your own head too, and I wanted ‘Hiccup’ to have a video that visualised that kind of on-going confusion, how your thoughts can end up all crashing together. I suppose the video is a weird window into my mind - and what it feels like when you’re trying to see into someone else’s”.

She continued: “I met the director, Eliza, when we were both working in a gallery, effectively being bodyguards for really expensive art. We were meant to guard silently, but we couldn’t stop talking. We walked around in our uniforms and concocted ideas and plans, and the days would speed by. I felt so lucky to have an amazing all female crew working on this. We had so much fun, and I think that joy and camaraderie really comes through in the final video”.

Watch the video for ‘Hiccup’ below.

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