Going live Demob Happy promise holy vibrational matrimony for Pirate Live

Demob Happy promise holy vibrational matrimony for Pirate Live

The band will be playing live from Pirate Studios in South London next week, so naturally we hunted them down for a catch-up.

Ooh ‘aar, dear readers! At DIY we’re getting last supplies in order before we set sail with the ever-excellent Demob Happy next week, partnering up with Pirate Studios for the occasion. On Wednesday 13th September, we’ll be bringing you a very special live performance from the boys, via Pirate’s revolutionary online gigging platform, Pirate Live. 

The Brighton band will be heading to Pirate’s South London studio, down in Earlsfield, for the session, which will also feature performances from Skinny Girl Diet and Mellow Gang. All the action is going to take place on Wednesday 13th September, with things kicking off at 6.30pm. We’ll be streaming their sets over on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages, too, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your favourite cosy chair of choice. Don’t say we don’t spoil you!

Ahead of Demob Happy’s Pirate Live appearance, we caught up with the band to chat future musical plans, and pirate alter-egos.

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Hello Demob Happy! Catch us up with what’s been going on in your world this summer.

A few tours and festivals here and there, some light oceanic bathing, but primarily we’ve been out with our nets catching the ideas and songs that have been floating around us this last year, the things we needed to say, and building a coherent world for them on this next record.

Have you started work on Album Two? How’s it sounding?

How it sounds is like nothing we’ve ever done before yet somehow intrinsically it’s the most like us we’ve ever sounded. Work has certainly started though it’s not quite finished yet. Song wise we’ve branched out further in the noises we’re making and what we’re saying - yet we’ve honed in on a more singular vision of how it’s all delivered and exactly how we want it to enter your ears.

‘Dead Dreamers’ is a massive tune - what’s the story (lyrically or otherwise) around that one?

Beyond the caustic layers, at the heart of ‘Dead Dreamers’ is a song about the ideas and the people who had a different vision for the path the world could go down - in a small way or a huge way -but fell by the wayside of a road where uniform thought is often the key to survival. Dreams aren’t real and death is. Yet somehow death is less real, less permanent, when dreams and ideas, big or small, live on in others. Just don’t forget to write them down.

Your debut LP talked a lot about the soporific state of the modern world, people passively being fed stuff by the media and all that - what’s riling you up this time round?

On ‘Dream Soda’ we had a lot to say about the world around us and although we didn’t start this next one saying ‘Let’s make a political album,’ I think you’d be hard pressed in 2017 to make a record that wasn’t coloured by the state of the world and that fucking feeling in the air right now. Unless you’re living in a nuclear bunker already. It’s a cartoon. The same conditions and worse exist now as when we wrote ‘Dream Soda’ and it’s getting to the point where more people are waking up to smell the coffee, but even if you are angry, there’s a number of slip-roads of rhetoric and diversion ready-made to tell us where to point the finger, to give us simple answers to complicated questions; answers that are wrong, yet oh so appealing, that speak to our anger and frustration. We end up blaming and turning on each other whilst the conditions worsen for us and continue to massively reward those with more than enough. Yet we’re so alienated from our sense of community that there’s little tangible hope or even awareness that we could do anything about it collectively - we’re all too busy and knackered, let’s go for a pint, the politicians will sort it out anyway, we did our part and voted, so I guess it’s fine, right? It’s hard not to be pissed right now.

Next week you’re doing a Pirate Live session, hence why we’re talking today! Are you gonna be debuting some new material? What’s the plan?

The plan is to converge in holy vibrational matrimony as we rattle through our musical rituals. New songs may very well be part of those proceedings.

If you actually were pirates, what would be your pirate names and what would you call your ship?

Tom’s ancestors- the early Armstrongs- we’re actually land pirates or border reivers. They lived on the borderlands of Scotland and England with no allegiances to either Monarch and pillaged and plundered and bothered everyone and were generally pretty bad people. So we’d probably go back to doing that. Maybe in the Demobile.

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