Watch: Thom Yorke gets in a lift in Radiohead’s video for ‘Lift’

Thom Yorke gets in a lift in Radiohead’s video for ‘Lift’

Woah, inception, etc.

Earlier this year, Radiohead celebrated the 20th anniversary of their classic LP ‘OK Computer’ with a new release called ‘OKNOTOK’, compiling rarities and offcuts from the ‘OK Computer’ sessions, compiled into a fancy vinyl reissue.

One of the standouts from the added tracks was ‘Lift’, and the song now has a new video. Predictably, it sees Thom Yorke in a lift, on his way home from the shops and taking a pretty long ride.

The band have previously released a video for ‘OKNOTOK’ song ‘Man Of War’, but said clip was made with archived footage, whereas the new ‘Lift’ visual is entirely new.

Radiohead recently finished up a tour in support of last year’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ album with a controversial gig in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Watch the ‘Lift’ video below.

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