Have You Heard? Shigeto – Don’t Trip (ft. Silas Green)

Shigeto – Don’t Trip (ft. Silas Green)

Rap and ambient swirls combine in a mesmerising and surprisingly cohesive blend.

With his upcoming new album ‘The New Monday’ – named partially after the weekly night that he’s taken up residence in - Michigan producer Shigeto is returning to his roots. After a stint in Brooklyn, he’s back in Detroit and is paying tribute to the musical heritage of the city he’s grown up in. With the first track he revealed from the record, ‘Detroit Part II’, he fused together hip hop and jazz in a semi-ambient fusion.

With ‘Don’t Trip’, he’s gone one step further. With a focus on the musical community, he’s recruited emcee Silas Green to provide some lines, which repeat across Shigeto’s ever-morphing, cascading beats. At first, the combination seems like it’ll remain as a pretty heavy hip hop opus. But the longer it goes through the six and a half minute tune, the more the lines start to get blurred between the rap vibes and the creeping onset of Shigeto’s more ambient synth swirls. Suddenly, the track has done a complete 180, bringing in classic techno percussion and warped electronics that are a million miles away from how it originally set out. In the space of just one track, Shigeto manages to celebrate two very different aspects of Detroit’s musical fabric. That’s no mean feat.

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