On the tiles: Baths announces new album ‘Romaplasm’

Baths announces new album ‘Romaplasm’

It’s his first new material since he composed the theme song for the best video game in the world, Dream Daddy: Dating Simulator.

After four years, LA-based electronica whizz Baths has announced the follow-up to his 2013 album ‘Obsidian’. It’s his first new material since his ‘Ocean Death’ EP, along with the theme tune he composed for the Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator video game (which is as brilliant and absurd as it sounds on paper). 

Out on 17th November, ‘Romaplasm’ contains some excellent song titles, too. ‘Coitus’ and ‘Human Bog’ stand out as highlights. The full tracklist is as follows.

01 Yeoman
02 Extrasolar
03 Abscond
04 Human Bog
05 Adam Copies
06 Lev
07 I Form
08 Out
09 Superstructure
10 Wilt
11 Coitus
12 Broadback

“I wanted to be honest with myself that this is where my heart lies and where I get the most motion out of life,” Will Wiesenfeld said of the new album. “I wanted a record that mirrors those emotions but in an indirect way.”

Listen to the first single and album opener ‘Yeoman’ below.

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