Neu Pick: Off Bloom share vibrant video for ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’

Off Bloom share vibrant video for ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’

The Danish trio’s new EP ‘Lover Like Me’ comes out this month.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Off Bloom.

Anglo-Danish trio Off Bloom are going places. They already showed massive potential and confidence in buckets when they played our Neu stage at this year’s Live At Leeds back in April, and have since told NME they want to be “the biggest band in the world”.

Such statements would seem above most bands, but Off Bloom carry a swagger and confidence that is unshakeable and infectious. New single ’Shut Up And Let Me Walk’, taken from new EP ‘Lover Like Me’, out this month, is as bolshy and uncompromising as its title would suggest.

The track’s new video, out today, sees figures fighting to the death while singer Mette Mortensen spits out verse after verse. It’s an engaging watch.

“There are gonna be three videos connected to our Lover Like Me EP,” the band say of the new clip. “These are tied together like sonnets, where the ending of the first video is the beginning of the second and so on. Each video is themed with one of the primary colours and the first one - for ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’ - is yellow, aggressive, hurt and destructive! The second video will be for our track ‘Rockefe11a (Fuck That To Be Honest)’, red, slow, wound-licking and a journey from one feeling to another. The third and final one is still to come and that will be for ‘Lover Like Me’…”

Turning attention to the track itself, they say: ”We wrote this song on a feeling of anger! Proper anger and frustration! In today’s society anger and sadness are seen as weak traits, but for us it’s the contrary. Weakness is not being able to acknowledge that we all fuck up from time to time, that we can all be fucking stupid.

“The three of us had each been going through this frustration, whether it was because of the current political climate and the fact that Trump became president, or it was a fight with some fake music industry wanker or it was because of some bullshit from a boy/girl… we’d had enough! So shut up and let me walk!”

Watch the video for ‘Shut Up And Let Me Walk’ below.

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