Premiere: Strange Boy share gorgeous title track from upcoming ‘Annunciation’ EP

Strange Boy share gorgeous title track from upcoming ‘Annunciation’ EP

The new collection from the duo comes out next month.

Strange Boy are Kieran Brunt and Matt Huxley, and they make swirling compositions that blend folk with a decidedly ambient backing, and it’s an atmospheric pairing to say the least.

Integrated with the Bedroom Community label from Iceland and with Kieran working with Nils Frahm on his upcoming new album, there’s more than a few ties to the electronic and classical worlds, and the title track of their upcoming ‘Annunciation’ EP sees these elements collide perfectly.

Brunt’s gorgeous, folk-leaning vocals are backed by Huxley’s ambient base that washes over the track like a wave and adds an unmistakable grandeur to the track.

Talking about the new track in the press release, Kieran says: “When growing up, the smallest moments can have the grandest impact on how we think.

“This song looks at a moment like that from wildly different perspectives… cosmic, biblical, biological and - maybe most importantly for me - autobiographical.”

The ‘Annunciation’ EP is out on 17th November. Listen to its title track below.

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