Neu Pick: Lightcliffe share the bright, urgent ‘Staring At Your Bedroom Floor’

Lightcliffe share the bright, urgent ‘Staring At Your Bedroom Floor’

Today’s Neu Pick is the band’s debut with Failure By Design Records.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Lightcliffe.

Following on from 2015’s ‘Mistakes I Seem To Make’, Brighton via London four-piece Lightcliffe are returning with new five-track EP ‘For A While’, their debut for Failure By Design Records.

We’ve got the new release’s first preview as today’s Neu Pick, and ‘Staring At Your Bedroom Floor’ is a bright, urgent cut that’s clearly indebted to ’90s emo from the midwest, but never simply content with looking back; there’s a fresh, forward-thinking mentality to the track.

“I guess it’s one of more pop sounding tracks we’ve ever written. We had written it before the last release, it’s why we named the two-track ‘Mistakes I Seem To Make’ as a little nod toward what’s to come.

“It’s difficult for us to ever say what our songs mean, our writing process makes it so. But, it’s sort of about the struggle of being with someone and battling your own self-worth. The song name suggests a sort of helplessness, feeling lost and looking on. It’s also about the state of Jimmy’s bedroom floor and how messy it can get.”

‘For A While’ is released on tape via Failure By Design Records on November 24th. Listen to ’Staring At Your Bedroom Floor’ below.

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