Listen: Ezra Furman announces new album ‘Transangelic Exodus’

Ezra Furman announces new album ‘Transangelic Exodus’

The album is out in February via Bella Union and being previewed by new single ‘Love You So Bad’.

Last month, Ezra Furman made his return with ‘Driving Down To LA’. He’s now revealed full details of his new album.

‘Transangelic Exodus’ will come out in February via Bella Union, and is being previewed by new single ‘Love You So Bad’.

“[It’s] not a concept record, but almost a novel, or a cluster of stories on a theme, a combination of fiction and a half-true memoir,” the singer says of the new album.. “A personal companion for a paranoid road trip. A queer outlaw saga.”

“I’m in love with an angel, and a government is after us, and we have to leave home because angels are illegal, as is harbouring angels,” he says of the album’s theme. “The term ‘transangelic’ refers to the fact people become angels because they grow wings. The have an operation, and they’re transformed. And it causes panic because some people think it’s contagious, or it should just be outlawed.”

“The album still works without the back story, though. What’s essential is the mood - paranoid, authoritarian, the way certain people are stigmatised. It’s a theme in American life right now, and other so-called democracies.”

Listen to ‘Love You So bad’ below. ’Transangelic Exodus’ is out on 9th February.

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