Watch: Baths shares a new video for ‘Out’

Baths shares a new video for ‘Out’

Will Wiesenfeld’s new album ‘Romaplasm’ is out next month.

Baths – aka Will Wiesenfeld – is gearing up to release new album ‘Romaplasm’, and so far he’s shared two tracks: ‘Yeoman’ and ‘Out’.

Now he’s got a video for the latter, “which according to Will, has a dual meaning, either referring to someone going out for the night, or being an out gay person. It touches on the intersection of both but mostly deals with how I feel in a club environment”.

Will’s directed the new clip himself. It’s essentially a DIY comedy segment about him trying to get ready for a night out, where he magically conjures friends, clothes and more to help him prepare for what’s ahead. In quite a surreal manner.

As reported by Stereogum, Will says of the clip: “This video is inversely proportional to how seriously I take making music — meaning it’s profoundly dumb. I’m proud of it though. I think. I take music seriously, but I don’t take myself seriously at all, so I love to play with that duplicity online and in video work”.

Watch the video for ‘Out’ below.

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