Listen: Sufjan Stevens shares a demo version of ‘John My Beloved’

Sufjan Stevens shares a demo version of ‘John My Beloved’

‘The Greatest Gift’ is out next month.

On 24th November, Sufjan Stevens is releasing ‘The Greatest Gift’ via Asthmatic Kitty, a mixtape of ‘Carrie & Lowell’ off-cuts, demos, and other unheard gems from the record.

A few weeks ago he shared ‘Wallowa Lake Monster’, which recounted the strange, murky mythology of a lonely Leviathan. Now he’s shared an “iPhone Demo” of the album track ‘John My Beloved’. It’s a lilting, rough version but still contains the powerful emotion that characterised the original album, heightened by Sufjan’s own voice.

Sufjan has also recently released a ‘Carrie & Lowell’ live album, recorded at his November 2015 show at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center in South Carolina, released to commemorate his stepdad Lowell’s birthday.

Listen to Sufjan’s demo of ‘John My Beloved’ below.

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