First Class: Parcels

First Class: Parcels

This Byron Bay quintet might not be pals of Postman Pat’s, but they still write some first class tunes.

“It was an incredible feeling seeing them in the crowd, intently watching our show,” recounts Parcels’ bassist Noah Hill. “Even without their robot suits, they just have this presence about them…”

Daft Punk seemed intent on spearheading a seventies-disco revival with 2013’s all-conquering ‘Random Access Memories’ a record that brought Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder firmly back into the limelight. And while they’ve never really worked with new artists in the past, perhaps it should come as little surprise that they chose to take Parcels under their wing.

Formed in Byron Bay - a coastal town in New South Wales – the Australian quintet fuse disco and soul and modern electronic pop, with unmistakable gravitas. They’ve been releasing a steady stream of dancefloor-ready tracks since 2015, but exploded into the limelight this year with ‘Overnight’ – a slice of pop gold produced by the Parisian pair themselves.
“It’s a song which has had a huge journey,” Noah remarks proudly. “It’s gone from being on our laptop to finding its way to a studio in Paris. It’s been a process that’s gone on for about a year and a half, but we’re really happy with how it turned out.”

First Class: Parcels
First Class: Parcels

“Even without their robot suits, Daft Punk just have this presence about them…”

Noah Hill

The band caught the attention of Daft Punk “at a really small club in France. We had heard rumours they were coming,” recalls Noah, “and at the time we didn’t really want to believe them. We were introduced to Thomas and Guy-Manuel after the show, and they ended up inviting us back to their studio.”

Very few artists have had the honour of working with the legendary duo, and it’s certainly not something Parcels took for granted. “It was like a mentorship I suppose, but we were absolutely in awe of the way they worked. You could sit there for hours listening to them talk. We collaborated really naturally with them, even though their process is unlike anything we’ve ever come across.”

Parcels’ French connection doesn’t stop at Daft Punk either; the band are due to support Phoenix on their upcoming arena tour. “It’s a huge step up for us,” Noah reveals excitedly, relishing the prospect. They’re one of the bands we have been most inspired by, and it’s giving us the opportunity to play some of the biggest venues you can ever play.”

“There’s just something about French music,” he continues. “One of our favourite records as a band is Air’s ‘Moon Safari’. There’s something really special about that French touch we’re just all in love with.”

As for Parcels themselves, the future is looking very bright. “We’re starting to think about a debut album, and are really excited so far. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear it soon.” If their current output is anything to go by, it’ll be unmissable.

Taken from the October 2017 issue of DIY, out now. Read online or subscribe below. 

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