U.W.H.A.T?! Are N.E.R.D coming back?

Are N.E.R.D coming back?

Pharrell Williams’ group placed various adverts at Tyler, The Creator’s Flog Gnaw festival.

It looks like Pharrell Williams’ group N.E.R.D - who last released an album seven years ago - might be coming back. 

A load of cryptic adverts pointing towards the band appeared at Tyler, The Creator’s Flog Gnaw festival this weekend, displaying the message “No_one Ever Really Dies”. Obviously it’s an acrostic for the group’s name (the first letters of each word spell N.E.R.D) and it also matches up with messages displayed across their website and social media. 

Two years ago Pharrell Williams confirmed that there would definitely be a new N.E.R.D album at some point, and to be fair, who can blame him for taking a while to get around to it. In between Daft Punk link-up ‘Get Lucky’, his Major Lazer collabs, and ‘Happy’, he’s had a lot on. 

Check out one of the mysterious new adverts below.

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