Watch: Pillow Person shares a new video for ‘Kitchen’

Pillow Person shares a new video for ‘Kitchen’

Sarah Jones returns with a stuttering slice of techno-pop.

Back in January, Sarah Jones – known for her work with bands such as Hot Chip, and you know, casually touring as Harry Styles’ drummer – emerged with her whipped-up delight ‘On Your Way’, while more recently she teamed up with Anthony Silvester as Technology + Teamwork on ‘K + B’.

Now she’s back in her Pillow Person guise, returning with the slightly twisted, stuttering and wound-up slice of techno-pop ‘Kitchen’. It’s accompanied by a video directed by Prosper Unger-Hamilton where Sarah – painted all in gold – hides her shiny interior under a spindly, shaggy ghillie suit and roams the streets.

Prosper said: “I really needed Pillow Person to be painted gold, but she kept putting the ghillie suit on. This is what collaboration will look like in 2018”. Meanwhile, Sarah added: “I did a great job hiding the fact that I’m painted gold. Seriously - you can barely tell. Must be the Reason Why I’m King of my Kitchen”.

Watch the video for ‘Kitchen’ below.

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