Premiere Pip Hall shares introspective new offering ‘Ill At Ease’

Pip Hall shares introspective new offering ‘Ill At Ease’

The Preston teenager turning doubt into dreaminess.

Preston singer Pip Hall has shared new single ‘Ill At Ease’.

An introspective take on teenage troubles, it translates them into a lightly synth-dappled, harmony-laden treat that belies her years.

“I wrote it during the summer when I spent a lot of time by myself just thinking and overthinking, and it’s about not being comfortable in my own skin and being a very self conscious teenager,” says Pip of the track. “I’ve always felt like my body and my mind isn’t mine and that I got given the wrong ones. It’s also about trying to break from that mentality and become comfortable in my own skin”

A world away from the cliches of petulant adolescence, it marks Pip out as an old soul with the kind of subtly heady melodies that’ll give Maggie Rodgers a run for her money.

Listen below.

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