Premiere: Thick Syrup go (star) trekking in the video for ‘Jennifer’

Thick Syrup go (star) trekking in the video for ‘Jennifer’

The Leeds groove-inducers are releasing their debut album next year.

Look closely at the members of Leeds groove-inducers Thick Syrup and you might be able to spot some familiar faces. The band is made up of members from Broken Arm, Mob Rules and Whipping Post, as well as The Wharves.

Now the band are gearing up to release their debut album, titled ‘Living In Leeds’. It’s out on 23rd February via cult Nottingham-based label Gringo Records, and they’re previewing it with latest single ‘Jennifer’. It’s a prime example of their genre-defying sound, a blend of 60s garage, 70s funk and earlier hard rock that comes together into an intriguing, enveloping blend.

The track also has a new video, directed by Glaswegian film director Jimmy Gage. In it, vocalist Gemma stars as Data from ‘Star Trek’, and she goes on a quest to find humanity.

The band say of the clip: “Emerging from a bush in a garden in Ibrox, Glasgow, Data tries to make sense of his new situation. He discovers that the tricorder malfunction triggered a series of sub space jumps that resulted in him being flung to the northern hemisphere of 21st century earth.  As he tries to adapt to local customs and familiarise himself with the flora and fauna of the area he is surprised to experience an unusual sensation. An emotion is passing over him. What it is he does not know”.

Thick Syrup are set to play at JT Soar in Nottingham on 17th March 2018.

Watch the video for ‘Jennifer’ below.

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