Premiere: Sølv gets intense on her new ‘Codeine’ EP

Sølv gets intense on her new ‘Codeine’ EP

The follow-up to ‘Black Ink’ is filled with brooding, emotional peaks.

After launching her EP ‘Blank Ink’ last year, pop singer Sølv re-emerged back in October with a brand new single, ‘Codeine’.

‘Codeine’ was also the title track of her new EP, which is officially out on 1st December. A moody, lights-down-low slice of alt-pop, hinging around a cathartic, emotional vocal performance. Speaking of the track, she said it was “about the best kind of addiction - it stems from having a complete connection with someone to such a degree that they literally become your pain relief from past hurt, as you reflect back to a lonelier time and wonder how you coped without them”.

It was therefore a perfect introduction to the EP itself. Across the four tracks, Sølv brings darkened, brooding intensity that harnesses glacial synths, downbeat melodies, atmospheric, haunting guitar riffs and a variety of R&B-inspired beats, bringing more than a few killer hooks for good measure. Along the way, she also tackles a number of relatable issues with finesse, examining the emotional peaks and troughs of relationships with ease.

Listen to the ‘Codeine’ EP below.

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