Watch: KWAYE shares saucy banger ‘Jasmine’

KWAYE shares saucy banger ‘Jasmine’

Move over, there’s a new saucy warbler in town!

We’ve had our eye on 80s channelling pop-head KWAYE for a while now; ‘Lost in my Boots’, ‘Sweetest Life’ and ‘Little Ones’ are all, undeniably, absolute bangers. And with his latest track, ‘Jasmine’, the Londoner’s onto yet another winner; melding Kashif-flavoured production with a massive dose of lurrrrrrve.

“For me, romance isn’t dead,” he told The Fader. “‘Jasmine’ embodies the highs and lows of intimacy. With this video we wanted to strip it back,” he added - ooooer! “The fact that it is a one-shot performance definitely helps add to the rawness and intimate nature of the song.” 

Well, well, well, there’s a new saucy warbler in town. Watch KWAYE’s video for ‘Jasmine’ below. 

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