Watch: L.A. Witch take the wheel in the video for ‘Drive Your Car’

L.A. Witch take the wheel in the video for ‘Drive Your Car’

They’ve also announced a short tour of the UK.

Back in September, Californian trio L.A. Witch released their self-titled debut album on Suicide Squeeze Records but before launching the record, they shared ‘Drive Your Car’.

Speaking at the time, vocalist Sade Sanchez said: “‘Drive Your Car’ was written about power and being in control. I borrowed my ex boyfriend’s Cadillac when he was out of town during one Christmas a few years ago. I drove it recklessly, like a mad man. I drove Vincent Gallo’s Tesla through Korea Town one night with him in passenger seat. I felt liberated and I don’t know why. To be behind the wheel of a car, which could be a man’s most prized possession, is a sense of power. There is constant repetition throughout the song to give the sense of driving”.

In the track’s new video, L.A. Witch head to the desert, presumably with your car. There, they do a little bit of drag racing, perform. Director Allie Lane explains about the clip: “With the ‘Drive Your Car’ video, I wanted to evoke a surreal state of adventure that matches the romantic lulls and highs of a road trip. L.A. Witch’s psych rock swells and enigmatic lyrics called for bleached color tones, mirror mirages and expansive desert landscapes”.

L.A. Witch have also announced a handful of UK dates next year, which some as part of a wider European tour. Tickets are on sale now.

Watch the video for ‘Drive Your Car’ and see L.A. Witch’s upcoming UK dates below.

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27 Nottingham, The Chameleon
28 Glasgow, Sleazy’s
29 Newcastle, The Cluny
30 London, Oslo
31 Leeds, Headrow House

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