Watch: Sad13 reveals video for ‘Fixina’ and ‘The Sting’

Sad13 reveals video for ‘Fixina’ and ‘The Sting’

The two-part clip follows a monster and a monster hunter…

Last November, Sadie Dupuis released her debut album as Sad13, ‘Slugger’, and we’ve had a small raft of videos from it.

Now Sadie’s got two new videos, handily rolled into one, that are soundtracked by her numbers ‘Fixina’ and ‘The Sting’. In the first one, she dresses up as a witchy monster with long fingernails and takes a little voyage on the train, keeping a close eye on some people who like to read Walter Benjamin. 

In the second half, Sadie swaps roles to become a monster hunter, who takes her forensic investigations across New York, Googling for sightings of the elusive creature but seemingly failing to track down the beast that Sadie plays in the first half. Maybe that’s because they’re actually the same person (cue dramatic music!) 

Last year we caught up with Sadie to talk about her pop project. Catch up here

Watch the video for ‘Fixina’ and ‘The Sting’ below.

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