Neu Pick: Seazoo deliver fuzzy indie-pop on ‘Dig’

Seazoo deliver fuzzy indie-pop on ‘Dig’

The Welsh band’s latest is today’s Neu Pick.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Seazoo

Back in October, Welsh quintet Seazoo offered up ‘Shoreline’. Though it was a couple of months too late to be a summer jam made for hitting the beach (unless you’re a fan of taking a very cold dip indeed), it was a tune that transported the listener back to warmer times, full of vibrant and effervescent touches. 

Just a couple of months later, they’re back with another indie pop explosion in the form of ‘Dig’. Kicked off by a scratchy wall of riffs and fuzz, it soon morphs into the type of slightly wonky, jangly fun that the band are known for. Chunky basslines, pretty harmonies, a vintage piano-led breakdown and slightly scuzzier guitar hooks all follow, mixing together into a single, joyous melting pot, even if the refrain of “boy you’ll dig when I tell you to” adds a touch of menace. 

Digging into the story behind the track a little more, the band said: “It’s actually a true story, and a song partly about Yamashita’s gold - hidden treasure that was allegedly looted by Japanese forces during WW2 and hidden in the Philippines. A friend lives over in the Philippines and his wife became convinced that there was treasure buried in their garden after constantly dreaming about it. They dug up the garden, but I don’t think they found anything! I’d like to think the long repetitive outro to the song represents this process of repetition without conclusion”.

On 10th May, Seazoo are set to play at FOCUS Wales. 

Listen to ‘Dig’ below.

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