Exclusive: Vera fills us in on new EP ‘Good Job No Conversation’

​Vera fills us in on new EP ‘Good Job No Conversation’

We caught up with Copenhagen’s most talented as he releases his first full EP.

Copenhagen’s most talented new producer, Vera, has released his first full EP ‘Good Job No Conversation’ today!

Despite having a moniker that sounds a bit like the name of Dot Cotton’s best mate, Vera - aka. William Asingh - has produced for Liss, MØ and Off Bloom as of late, and his own EP takes cues from Jean Rhys’ novel Wide Sargasso Sea, as well as threads of all his collaborative production work.

To celebrate the release of his very excellent seven track release, and first full EP, we caught up with the man himself for a quick chat about his year, as well as what he’s got planned next. 

Stream ‘Good Job No Conversation’ below, and keep scrolling to read our exclusive interview.

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How has your 2017 been, Vera?

It has been a wonderful year! I started releasing the first Vera songs and it feels so good! On the producer side, I’ve been working with so many talented artists and it makes me super excited for 2018.

What has been your best ‘Highlight of the Year’?

Uhh, that’s a tough one.. The MØ EP was great - she’s one of my favourite pop artists of recent years - so to be a part of that EP was a big thing for me. But I must admit that releasing this Vera EP is my absolute highlight. To see all the songs come together was a really satisfying process. It’s the best music I’ve put out so far, so I’m also just proud of showing it to the world.

You’ve been producing music for the likes of MØ, Off Bloom and Liss besides working on your own solo stuff - do you find that you learn anything from collaboration in general that you take back to your own work?

Everything I’ve learned is from the people I’ve been working with. It’s an important thing to me. The energy that Off Bloom bring into their studio sessions is incredible and really inspiring. Working with Mø, I’ve learned so much about keeping songs true to their starting point. And Liss - you won’t believe how much I’ve learned from them! The past few months I’ve only worked on the Vera stuff, and now I really need to get out and work on other people’s music so I can learn something new. Am very much looking forward to that..

In the spirit of your EP title, would you rather have a good job and absolutely no conversation, or in-depth interesting conversation for life, but a boring crap job?

Sometimes the job can be so good that you don’t need any conversation. 

Are you excited to be putting out your first EP - a longer ‘body of work’ that people can get stuck into, and see what you’re properly about?

Yeah, I’m so excited - these days it feels like artists are more focused on releasing singles, but for me this project needs a body of work. The Vera music is strongly connected to a certain aesthetic that you can hear on the singles but you get the vision much stronger if you listen to the full EP.

What’s on the agenda next year then?

At the moment it’s just to write and release a lot of new songs! I’m almost done with my next EP which is all about Avril Lavigne and The Cardigans. I’m also excited to keep producing for other artists – I’m already working on some exciting stuff right now that I’m looking forward to digging into that more.

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