Watch: Watch Thom Yorke play a new track live

Radiohead, Glastonbury 2017 by Emma Swann
Photo: Emma Swann

He debuted ‘I’m A Very Rude Person’ in Los Angeles.

Thom Yorke recently kicked off a series of solo shows at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles ahead of is appearance at Day For Night Festival in Houston, Texas.

There, he played a number of new and unreleased songs as part of his 15-song set. As reported by Consequence of Sound, he debuted a brand new track: ‘I’m A Very Rude Person’. We’re not sure if Thom really is as rude as he says he is, but the track itself is a creeping number built on spectral synths and a constantly looping, bass-filled guitar melody.

Thom also gave a live debut to ‘Two Feet Off The Ground’, a track that soundtracked a 2015 runway show for Rag & Bone back in 2015.

Radiohead recently announced a series of new tour dates for 2018. They’re set to tour around South America in April.

Watch Thom play ‘I’m A Very Rude Person’ below.

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