Visions: Grimes gives update on ‘Art Angels’’ follow-up

Grimes gives update on ‘Art Angels” follow-up

She played some new music to her label the other day, apparently.

It looks like work on Grimes’ new album is well underway, with Claire Boucher confirming she’s been playing potential tracks to her label. And even better news - they “dig it”!

Grimes previously said with the follow-up to ‘Art Angels’, she’s “trying to make something you’ve never heard before”. She also hinted previously that she’s following a new direction. “I’m really vibing on making something really slow and gorgeous that just breathes,” she said, “and has room to breathe. I feel like my work has always been fast paced, kinetic, and almost just manic and I feel like for me the hardest thing I can do is make something that’s slow and heavy. I’m so ADD in my work; I really want to push myself into something that would be slower and more reflective.” 

It’s been a busy 2017 for Grimes - this year she’s also shared her plans to pen a novel, and set up a new space on Instagram dedicated to visual art.

Read the DIY cover feature with Grimes here, and check out her latest brief update below.

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