Neu Pick: Kerry Devine embraces the creepy in ‘Work You’ video

Kerry Devine embraces the creepy in ‘Work You’ video

The singer releases her debut album ‘Away From Mountains’ later this year.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Kerry Devine.

Singer-songwriter Kerry Devine is releasing her debut album ‘Away From Mountains’ later this year, and we’ve got the first play of the new video for its brilliantly dark single ‘Work You’.

A deeply atmospheric cut, the track echoes the soft darkness of Daughter, and the new clip is just as eerie, like a precursor to a particularly gruesome horror film. It ties in perfectly with the track’s darkness.

The video was made with Jay Gearing from Paper Rhino and shot at Woodwalton Fen, amongst the ancient fens of Devine’s home in the East of England.

“In 17th-Century England, Matthew Hopkins aka The Witch finder General kills more women for witchery in East Anglia than anywhere else in the UK,” Devine says of the new clip in a press release. ”His slaughter of ‘witches’ flourished during the English Civil War.  As part of a wider piece inspired by the fenland landscape, ‘Work You’ is a film about vengeance, 400 years later.”

Talking about the track itself, she says: “Lyrically, ’Work You’ is about the futility of observed addiction and inspired by the landscape of the fens. It was produced using sounds taken from along the rivers near the Gualt.”

‘Away From Mountains’ is out later this year. Watch the ‘Work You’ video below.

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