Making waves: Pale Waves announce ‘All the Things I Never Said’ EP

Pale Waves by Phil Smithies

The band’s debut EP comes out in March.

Time to rejoice - DIY Class of 2018 cover stars Pale Waves have properly announced their debut EP, along with revealing a release date, title, and tracklisting! 

‘All the Things I Never Said’ is out on 16th March, and up for pre-order now. Out on fancy-pants red vinyl, the EP features singles ‘New Year’s Eve’ and ‘My Obsession’ along with newies ‘Heavenly’ and ‘The Tide’. 

The tracklisting is as follows:

‘All the Things I Never Said’ EP:
1. New Year’s Eve
2. The Tide
3. My Obsession
4. Heavenly

Read DIY’s cover feature with Pale Waves here, and watch the video for ‘My Obsession’ below.