Watch: Loma share a new video for ‘Relay Runner’

Loma share a new video for ‘Relay Runner’

Their self-titled debut album is out next month.

Loma - the project of Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski and Shearwater singer Jonathan Meiburg – are releasing their self-titled debut album on 16th February through Sub Pop.

Back in December, the band shared its second single, ‘Relay Runner’, filled with arpeggiated rhythms and skittering percussion. Now the track’s got a new video, directed by the band’s own Emily Cross alongside Allison Beondé. In it, she heads to the beach and creates her own kind of assault course (there is indeed some running involved!)

Emily said of the video: “This song is about transitioning from one state to another…specifically from the feeling of being boxed in and trapped to the feeling of freedom and liberation. It is about the ongoing drive to attain that movement. I think of the ‘relay’ as the endless series of versions of yourself that each hand off to the next version of yourself. Beyond that, I wanted to express unbridled joy—for being alive, for moving my body, for being able to build myself a human dog agility course from supplies I bought at the Home Depot”.

Watch the video for ‘Relay Runner’ below. 

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