Watch: Moaning share a new video for ‘Artificial’

Moaning share a new video for ‘Artificial’

The LA trio’s debut album is out in March.

Back in November, LA trio Moaning announced that they’d signed to Sub Pop and announced their debut album, which is out in March.

Ahead of the album’s release, they’ve now shared a new video for ‘Artificial’, helmed by the directorial team of A Stranger. It’s a clip that harks back to MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’ and is very shimmery, featuring a lot of tin foil and drawing attention to the, yep, artificial nature of the props and sets around them. 

Guitarist Sean Solomon says of the clip: “The video mirrors the themes of insincerity and artificiality in the song. To shoot the video we used practical effects to warp the viewers perception of what’s happening. It was appropriately shot in Los Angeles on 35mm film much like other disingenuous Hollywood productions”.

Watch the video for ‘Artificial’ below.

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