Listen: Daniel Avery announces new album ‘Song For Alpha’, shares ‘Slow Fade’ EP

Daniel Avery announces new album ‘Song For Alpha’, shares ‘Slow Fade’ EP

The producer will also play a huge all day long show at London’s historic York Hall.

It’s been nearly five years since Daniel Avery released his game-changing debut ‘Drone Logic’, and the time has finally come for its follow-up.

‘Song For Alpha’ will be released on 6th April via Phantasy, and is being previewed by an immediately available four-track EP, led by ’Slow Fade’.

“Drone Logic’s spiritual home was the dancefloor. This record’s is definitely the road,” he says of the album in a press release. ”Those late nights and hazy mornings, finding inspiration beyond the fog.”

“I’ve become increasingly interested in those moments in a club when the outside world becomes little more than an inconsequential thought at the back of your head. Eyes closed as opposed to hands in the air. A light emerging from the darkness - this is the idea I repeatedly returned to in the studio. The more time you spend with it the deeper you fall.”

The album follows 2015 stopgap AA-side ‘Sensation’/’Clear’, and the new album is set to be previewed with Avery’s biggest gig ever in March.

The DJ will play for 8 hours straight at London’s iconic York Hall on 24th March. “It’s always a pleasure to play on home turf and this is my biggest gig to date but, as ever, I realise how this city can eat your soul so we are keeping ticket prices as low as we possibly can,” he says of the upcoming show. ”We’re setting the booth up in the middle of the floor and the things we have planned for sound, installation and lights are next level. Come join us for a trip.”

‘Song For Alpha’ is out on 6th April. Listen to the ‘Slow Fade’ EP below.

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