Happy meals: Meal Deals bring nuance to their fuzzy slacker rock on ‘Daddy’

Meal Deals bring nuance to their fuzzy slacker rock on ‘Daddy’

The London quartet’s second single is an effortless delight

When London boys Meal Deals delivered AA side ‘Bath Time/ Garden Bandit’ at the tail end of 2017, they set themselves up as surfy slackers with a twist of British eccentricity. Recalling the melodic oddities of cult favourites Hefner or Scottish heroes Orange Juice as much as more modern Mac DeMarco-esque tendencies, it hinted that the group could be more than just another group of hazy indie boys.

Now, the band are back with new track ‘Daddy’ – a lolloping ode to a Tinder date gone awry, produced by Louis Milburn (former cohort of Oscar, currently of NEU favourites Brazen Head). And while the fuzz is amped up, there’s still all kinds of wonk lying underneath. Part 90s Britpop bagginess, part US surfy charm, the end result is a strangely massive tune in the most laid-back of ways.

Oh, and about that Tinder date: “She was a little crazy - but in the best sort of way,” recalls singer Connor. “One time we were at the Tate Modern when she got a call saying her Dad had been arrested for tax evasion or something. That turned out to be one of the weirdest dates I’ve ever had.” As it would do.

Listen to ‘Daddy’ below and catch the band supporting Leeds favourites Mush at London’s Old Blue Last on February 10.

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