Have You Heard? Nilüfer Yanya - Thanks 4 Nothing

Nilüfer Yanya - Thanks 4 Nothing

An emotionally intense, brilliant return.

On last track ‘Baby Luv’, Nilüfer Yanya really stepped things up. The track took the effortless cool of her previous ‘Plant Feed’ EP and drenched it in reverb and sorrow, the repeated refrain of “Do you like pain?” feeling like it could cut through to your core.

The singer plays things slightly cooler on its follow-up, ‘Thanks 4 Nothing’. Recounting the end of a failed relationship, the singer ponders the way it ended, while remaining completely unperturbed by the subject’s attempts to win her back.

“I just can’t believe he’s here / Just as I got over the idea” she sings over a simple, bright guitar lick, before putting the final nail in the coffin in the track’s intense chorus: “I don’t want to make things better / Thanks for nothing.”

Luckily for us, though the feelings might’ve disappeared for Nilüfer herself, her delivery makes ‘Thanks 4 Nothing’ an emotionally intense, brilliant return.

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Photo: Molly Daniel

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