Listen: Ten Tonnes shares new track ‘Lay It On Me’

Ten Tonnes, Class of 2018 by Phil Smithies

Ethan Barnett’s currently on tour with RAT BOY.

Ten Tonnes is back with a new track!

Following on from the likes of ‘Love Me To Death’, ‘Born To Lose’ and ‘Cracks Between’, new one ‘Lay It On Me’ has been produced by rgular collaborator Hugo White and sees Ethan Barnett delivering a driving, propulsive slice of pop with reverb-heavy vocals and sweeping synths that give it a slight vintage feel. Oh yeah, and it’s got a truly explosive hook.

Ethan says of the track: “’Lay It On Me’ is telling someone if they need you, you’ll be there. You’ve been away and distant, but now you’re back”.

Ten Tonnes is currently on tour around the UK with RAT BOY. He’s also set to head to this year’s Live At Leeds, Community Festival and The Great Escape

Listen to ‘Lay It On Me’ below. Read our Class of 2018 interview with Ten Tonnes here.

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