Have You Heard? Kero Kero Bonito – Only Acting

Kero Kero Bonito – Only Acting

They’ve switched synths for guitars on an effervescent yet slightly dark return.

Bonito Generation’, the debut album from London trio Kero Kero Bonito that was released back in 2016, was characterised by the spirit of pure joy. There were nods to video game soundtracks and J-Pop and they crammed in more than a few hooks along the way. It was a collection packed to the brim with mega hooks and more than a good dollop of glucose.

After debuting the track live a few months back, their comeback single ‘Only Acting’ sees them swapping the bubblegum electronics of their debut in favour of slightly scuzzier guitar, bass and drums. Is the result any less effervescent? Heck no. It’s still a full-on rush of aural serotonin, with just a touch of weirdness thrown in. The halfway mark and outro are characterised by blasts of more discordant noise that hints at something slightly darker going on, which is only reflected in Sarah’s lyrics: “I sure didn’t know it hurt so, but then no rehearsal could show you how to feel inside”. They’re keeping you on your toes in more ways than one, and doing it in true, spellbinding KKB style. 

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