Neu Pick: Tony Njoku shares shapeshifting and arresting new track ‘Remain Calm’

Tony Njoku shares shapeshifting and arresting new track ‘Remain Calm’

The singer and producer’s cut from his upcoming album ‘H.P.A.C.’ is today’s Neu Pick.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Tony Njoku.

After mixing together with psych and jazz in stunning style on his self-released ‘In Greyscale’ back in 2016, London-based singer and producer Tony Njoku has since released a string of tracks, including last year’s ‘In All Its Glory’. Now Tony’s gearing up to release his debut album proper, ‘H.P.A.C.’ on 27th April through Silent Kid Records, and he’s previewing the collection with new single ‘Remain Calm’.  

According to Tony, “’Remain Calm’: a psychedelic investigation into my emotional response following a traumatic situation last year. The lyrics: A man is wrongly persecuted (“The cost is so wrong / How much would you pay?”) but is tasked with suppressing a mighty surge of emotion - inside a panic attack rages in the company of others (“And out in the ocean / In comes a great wave / I must remain calm”.)”

That sense of bubbling emotions slowly bubbling under, ready to surge at any time, is evident in the shape-shifting nature of ‘Remain Calm’. Beginning with a swirl of cosmic, overlapping and heart-stopping synths, warped bass-ridden elements and organic, percussive beats, Tony still leaves plenty of room for his distinctive, arresting falsetto to drift across the mix though. Halfway through melancholic piano is introduced before morphing again to present a barrage of glitch-ridden electronics. It’s another emotional, arresting beast from Tony. 

Tony will also be playing at London’s DIY Space on 1st March. Tickets are on sale now.

Listen to ‘Remain Calm’ and the see the tracklisting for ‘H.P.A.C.’ below.

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01. To Enter The Light
02. All Is Aligned
03. Remain Calm
04.  My Dear The Light Has Come
05. In All It’s Glory
06. Through This Darkness
07. Drifting Off In A Care Powered Balloon
08. Feeling Weightless
09. Surely This Is As Good As It Gets
10. In Pink Love Forever
11. As We Danced
12. On Lorca’s Balcony

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