Listen: Boniface shares new track ‘Phantom Limbs’

Boniface shares new track ‘Phantom Limbs’

The Canadian newcomer delivers a soaring pop belter.

After revealing his single ‘I Will Not Return As A Tourist’ and ‘Again & Again’ last year, Canadian newcomer Boniface – aka Micah Visser - is back with a new track!

‘Phantom Limbs’ is a soaring, confident follow-up, filled with bombastic, 80s-style synths that build in intensity through the verses to form a truly explosive, skyscraper of a hook.

Speaking of the new track, Boniface said: “I wrote Phantom Limbs a few years ago when I was starting to become really unhappy with the way I was treating myself and the way my friends were treating themselves. I wrote it out of frustration without much redemption, and in the years since I’ve really tried to stop doing that. I think it’s stuck with the band and I because it’s just really fun to play and we like that contrast”.

Boniface is set to play as part of DIY’s British Music Embassy showcase at SXSW on Monday 12th March alongside LIFE, Our Girl, Francobollo, Catholic Action and Breakfast Muff. He’ll also be headed to The Great Escape and is set to head to London’s Bermondsey Social Club on 15th May.

Listen to ‘Phantom Limbs’ below.

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