Premiere: Hajk share soaring new track ‘Untouch’

Hajk share soaring new track ‘Untouch’

The Norwegians return with a powerful cut packed with subtler details.

Last year, Norwegian quintet Hajk earned themselves a slew of fans with their debut album, including Chloe Grace Moretz, pop sensation Sigrid and Kimbra, thanks to the charming, lilting indie-pop of the likes of ‘Not Anymore’

Hot on the heels of that record they’re now sharing their new track ‘Untouch’, which kicks their sound up a gear. Still imbued with a sense of catchy melancholy, it’s a track that combines languid yet powerful harmonies and piano melodies with a soaring hook and synth lines. It’s even packed with a few subtle details too, belying its surface simplicity, which only keeps you coming back for more.  

Speaking of the track, the band said: “This song is about experiencing sudden changes in a relationship - from trusting and depending on each other, to being all alone. Sometimes it will feel so overwhelming that you wish you’d never met in the first place. Or at least you’re wishing that you were able to foresee what was going to happen”.

Listen to ‘Untouch’ below.

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